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White Paper: How to Design a Successful Data Lake

The Data Lake, a next-generation data storage and management solution, was developed to meet the ever-evolving needs of increasingly savvy users. However, building a successful Data Lake is often a cause for concern among business and IT users alike. Why do you need a Data Lake? What does the architecture look like? What elements are necessary?

Our newest white paper, “How to Design a Successful Data Lake,” answers these questions and more. It explores existing challenges with the enterprise data warehouse and other existing data management and analytic solutions. It describes the necessary features of the architecture and the capabilities required to leverage a Data and Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) model. It also covers the characteristics of a successful Data Lake implementation and critical considerations for design.

Whether you are just starting to explore this solution or want to improve your existing architecture, this white paper contains all you need to know to build a successful Data Lake .

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