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Video: Kartridge MDM 360 – Empowering Users with Data

In today’s business climate, companies rely on data more than ever before. Data is growing at a rapid pace, adding complexity to the time and effort it takes to make the data ready for action. For the people creating business insights, the availability and access to information is more challenging than ever before, despite all the advancements in the tools and processes to manage data as a corporate asset.

So how do we empower Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Report Developers, Business Analysts, and Executives with the information they need, when they need it, in the right business context, with the trusted quality controls to pass even the strictest compliance regulations?

Watch our new video to learn why Kartridge MDM 360 is the solution.

Kartridge MDM 360 by Knowledgent provides an intuitive, self-service experience for your business teams. Business users can find the right data, understand data quickly, manage requests for data access, and work with disparate information in a self-service, collaborative user interface.

Learn more about Kartridge MDM 360 here.

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