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Alex Kouznetsov on How to Become a Semantic Architect

Want to know what it takes to work in data and analytics? Every other Friday, our own Informationists will share their thoughts, experiences, and advice on what they do and what they did to get there. Expect to see a wide range of answers from individuals in the same lines of work; our Informationists come from all walks of life, which only shows that there’s more than one way to get on the right career track.

Following our last post in this series on Natesan Dhanasekar and how to become a big data engineer, this post features Alexandre Kouznetsov, Semantic Architect. Alex received his Masters in Electronic Business Technology from the University of Ottawa and his PhD in Computer Science and Math from St. Petersburg State University. He has more than 20 years of industrial and academic experience in information technology, computer science, and software development across government, telecommunications, and biomedical organizations. Continue reading Alex Kouznetsov on How to Become a Semantic Architect