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Q&A with Chris Blotto on MDM, Big Data, and the Data Lake

In the era of Big Data, what role does Master Data Management (MDM) play? Our own Chris Blotto, Informationist at Knowledgent, addressed this question at the MDM & Data Governance Summit yesterday at the Industry Innovation Lunch.

Chris’ presentation, “MDM in a Big Data World,” covered a range of topics concerning MDM and Data Governance professionals navigating the Big Data landscape.  He discussed using MDM capabilities to enable search and navigation in distributed environments, transitioning existing data management investments into the Big Data world, and distinguishing the hype from the reality through real-world use case overviews.

After his presentation, we sat down with Chris to get his thoughts on the role of MDM in today’s analytically driven environment:

What are some of the Big Data challenges that business users are facing today?

More organizations are finding new and disparate sources for their structured and unstructured data. As a result of this increase in the massive amounts and types of data, more business users than ever are finding new and innovative ways to use data for analytics and reporting.

Ideally, more data should lead to more insights and more value. But for many business users, getting the data they want when they want it is almost impossible. It’s really a difficult and time-consuming process.

What are they doing because of these challenges?

Business users want what they want when they want it and they get frustrated at having to take time for what should be a fairly straightforward process. This resulting frustration often drives users to create a “shadow” process to provision and analyze data themselves.

The problem with this approach is first that it leads to significant data redundancy. Additionally, you get “analytic drift” as different, sometimes erroneous, conclusions are reached because of different data lineages.

What do you see as a solution to these challenges?

The paradigm needs to change. What business users need is a model where data is available for consumption without any pre-prescribed use cases, specific analytic projects, or unnecessary interference from IT. We call this solution “Data as a Service” which is often fulfilled through a “Data Lake”.

Where does MDM fit in the Data Lake?

MDM is really what enables business users to search for the data they need efficiently and easily, particularly in distributed environments. There are a number of key factors that organizations need to consider when implementing MDM, but when done right, it allows them to get the most out of their Data and Analytic initiatives and strategic investments.

Want more from Chris? Visit with Chris and other Knowledgent Informationists today in Booth Number 17 at the MDM & Data Governance Summit to learn more about Big Data value realization through MDM and to hear about exciting employment opportunities.

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