Outside Knowledgent’s Walls, with Harj Dhillon

Here at Knowledgent, we’re focused on improving lives and business through data.  After work hours, we know how to make the most of our time. As a part of our new series, take a sneak peek into what our Partner Alliance Manager, Harj Dhillon, likes to do outside the Knowledgent walls.

When you’re not signing partners and taking names, what do you like to do?

Harj Dhillon: Every once in a while, I get out there on a motorcycle.

When did you take your first ride?

I got into it at a really young age when I was in the service. I was stationed out in California and everybody had a motorcycle in California. I didn’t know how to ride one but almost on a dare, I went down to the dealership, asked if they could teach me and they did. They took me out on a 150cc small little dirt bike in the back lot and I learned, supposedly. Then I bought my motorcycle, rode it down the block and crashed. Eventually, I got to ride it and learned properly. That’s how I got started.

What do you like most about bikes?

In a car, especially these days, you have so many distractions. Electronic gadgets, the radio and you’re doing so many other things except actually witnessing what’s going on around you. On a motorcycle, you’re really focused because there are no distractions. You just let the countryside roll by and you can really take in the experience because you’re not focused on anything else except riding and the view.

Got any good stories?

There is a pretty good one, actually. So back again when I was in the service, I had to move from my station in California to Texas. The same buddy that convinced me to buy one in the first place… him and I decided to just ride across the country on our motorcycles, and that’s what we did. We sent everything ahead of time, packed up our bikes with saddle bags and rode from California to Texas. One stop we made along the way, we pulled into a rest stop and a hundred of these Hells Angels Harley Davidson riders pulled in and surrounded us. I was about ready to break out in a run, I didn’t know what to do. These guys looked tough and mean and I didn’t think they liked Japanese motorcycles too much. One walked over and asked me if it was my first bike and I said yes. He leaned in and said, “You never forget your first bike.” That was it and they rode away. Since that day I’ve enjoyed motorcycles and the community that comes with it.

See what Harj sees on a ride through Sparta, New Jersey, with the help of his GoPro.

First New Jersey… where to next?

I don’t have the guts to do this yet but one thing I’ve always wanted to do is ride my motorcycle in my native country, India. It’s a tremendous place and there’s something to see every hundred feet. Seeing the land in an air conditioned car is not the right way to experience India. A cross country trip there is definitely on my bucket list.

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