Knowledgent CTO Chris Blotto Presenting at Informatica World Tour in Boston

MDM in a Big Data World – ON TOUR

Ed. Note: Our own Harj Dhillon shares his thoughts on Informatica World Tour in Boston below.

It was a full house.  Over 100 people attended the Informatica World Tour city stop in Boston on November 19th, where Knowledgent Informationist, Chris Blotto, keynoted a session on “MDM in a Big Data World.”

The objective of the session was to educate business and IT practitioners on top-of-mind topics, such as data lakes, security, cloud adaption, and MDM. Our partner, Informatica, shares a common vision in viewing data as valuable enterprise asset, with their product suite purpose-built to move data quickly, securely, and with traceability to the end user.

The participants in the session, a cross-industry representation from retail, financial services, education, life sciences, and healthcare, gained valuable (“use it in the office that day”) information on how their respective industries are deploying solutions that deliver data to the end user under their terms: the data they want when they want it.

In the Q&A session, in the hallway discussions, and in the buzz around our booth, it was clearly evident that IT project teams and architecture leaders are under pressure from the trends we have been observing and reporting on via this blog:

  1. CEOs are practically mandating a focus on data, giving rise to the Chief Data Officer (CDO). CDOs are not just responsible for standards, but have LOB responsibility for providing competitive advantage through data assets.
  1. IT has to have a real plan in place to handle unstructured data that is in high demand, such as social data. However, this data cannot be delivered without the same rigors and control as structured data. Concerns such as security, privacy, traceability, and lineage must be translated into and addressed via architectural and organizational components.
  1. To fully leverage the power of combining structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, MDM must be an integral component. Traditionally implemented to serve the siloed needs of a particular business unit, master data must now be deployed across the enterprise, leading to true implementation of multi-domain MDM.

What participants gained in the end was that traditional Enterprise Information Management (EIM) disciplines, such as metadata, data profiling, data quality, and data lineages, are still relevant in the new world of Big Data.

Knoweldgent is very thankful for all the participants that braved the first big chill of the winter to come out, as well as to Informatica, for making the event such a success.  The large number of participants demonstrated that there is a real need for educational seminars on Big Data best practices, and we look forward to more sessions in the near future.

Did you attend the Informatica World Tour city stop in Boston? What were your takeaways? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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