Knowledgent Sponsoring Upcoming HackHERS Hackathon at Rutgers University

Knowledgent is looking forward to sponsoring the upcoming HackHERS Hackathon, happening February 24-25th at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey!

HackHERS is Rutgers University’s annual, women-centric 24-hour hackathon. HackHERS aims to create a space in which women can come together and be empowered to build innovative and creative projects, and all genders are welcome to partake in this mission. All competing teams must be at least 50% women.

The team behind HackHERS strives to close the gender gap within technology. There are a number of barriers that contribute to underrepresentation, and they hope to break these barriers by providing an opportunity for women, regardless of skill level, to learn how to build cool projects and be immersed in tech culture in a welcoming environment.

Knowledgent Informationist Janie Hansen will be speaking on a panel, titled “Life in Corporate”, alongside women from Facebook, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley on Saturday, February 24th at 5:00 PM.

To learn more about HackHERS, please click here.


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