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Knowledgent Cares Takes on 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk Benefitting the International OCD Foundation

On Saturday, June 3rd, our own Informationist Leslie Arturi raised $1,775 and organized the Brooklyn 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk, benefitting the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) as part of Knowledgent Cares!

Leslie, Knowledgent’s Conferences & Events Manager, has been a volunteer for the IOCDF for over seven years and travels across the country each year to help out and give back to those suffering from OCD and related disorders, such as panic/anxiety disorders and hoarding disorders.

Knowledgent Conference & Events Manager Leslie Arturi at the 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk in Brooklyn.

This is Leslie’s second year organizing the 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk in Brooklyn at Prospect Park. The walk is held in different cities across the country. She organized her team, Team Crazy Train, and with the help of Knowledgent Cares, she raised $1,775. As part of her fundraising efforts, Leslie promised to wear a Spongebob Squarepants costume to the walk if the team hit their goal of $1,500 – and on the day of the walk, she kept her promise!

“For the second year in a row, Team Crazy Train has exceeded our goal of donations for the walk!” said Leslie. “I couldn’t be more appreciative of my friends, family, and fellow Informationists. OCD and its many other related anxiety disorders affect more people than you can imagine, and it’s time we make help available to everyone. These donations will help make that a reality.”

The mission of the International OCD Foundation is to help everyone affected by obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders to live full and productive lives. Their aim is to increase access to effective treatment, end the stigma associated with mental health issues, and foster a community for those affected by OCD and the professionals who treat them. To learn more about the IOCDF, please click here.

Congratulations to Leslie and Team Crazy Train for their incredible accomplishment!

Want to see more of Knowledgent Cares in action? Check out our Flickr album.

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