Knowledgent Cares helps Go Ghana Girls send two Ghanaian girls to University

Tatiana Reis Arturi, daughter-in-law of Knowledgent’s Executive Vice Chairman Manny Arturi, has been on an inspiring mission to send two Ghanaian through a 4 year university.

On November 8th, 2015, Tatiana went to Ghana with a delegation to visit schools and assess their needs. While on this life changing trip she met two brilliant girls, Grace and Susan, whose dream is to go to a 4 year university to become a nurse and a teacher, respectively.

Gender inequality in Africa is rampant and girls are not encouraged, nor have the means, to get an education. In fact, only 3% of Ghanaian women go past secondary school to attain a higher education.

Although they yearn to get an education, these girls have no chance to attend university without a sponsor. Grace and Susan want to change what being a woman in Ghana means but their plight seems to be impossible.8114801_1455402163.8706_funddescription

Tatiana was immediately determined to help them with the help of her Co-Chair, Sue Kramer.  With a goal of raising $18,000 to cover all expenses for a four-year college degree, the Go Ghana Girls Fund has raised a total of $19,010 to date. As a part of Knowledgent Cares, our employee volunteer program, a number of our Informationists have contributed to this great cause.

The Future of Go Ghana Girls:  Any funds that exceed the original goal of $18,000 will go towards future Ghana Girls aspiring to go to university.  Their future plan is to create a not-for-profit organization dedicated to putting girls through a 4 year University.

To learn more about Tatiana’a journey to change the world for these young women or to donate, please visit the Go Ghana Girls Go Fund Me page.

Want to see more of Knowledgent Cares in action? Check out our Flickr account!

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