Knowledgent Cares Collects and Donates Winter Clothing for the Homeless

As we get closer to the heart of winter, it is important to remember those without homes who may not have adequate clothing to protect themselves from the harsh Northeast winters. As a part of Knowledgent Cares, we donated bags filled children’s winter clothing to the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless.

homelessMarc Edelstein and his children, Layla and Billy, coordinated the donations for children’s winter clothing and dropped them off at the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless.

“We had a successful ‘drop off’ at the LICH boutique,” said Marc. “As you can see from the pictures, we were able to collect A LOT of great winter clothing for children in need. This was a great experience for Layla and Billy!”

The Long Island Coalition for the Homeless is an agency that works to eliminate homelessness on Long Island and improve the lives of Long Islanders who are homeless or facing homelessness. They also educate the public and advocates for the development of emergency, transitional, and permanent low cost housing.

To learn more about the LICH or to donate, please click here to visit their website.

Want to see more of Knowledgent Cares in action? Check out our Flickr account.

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