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Knowledgent Cares Awarded 2017 Consulting Magazine Excellence in Social & Community Investment Award

For the second year in a row, we are thrilled to announce that Knowledgent Cares has been awarded Consulting Magazine’s Excellence in Social & Community Investment Awards!

Consulting Magazine recognizes that some of the most satisfying client work that consulting firms are doing these days is for a higher purpose. Each year, consulting firms invest hundreds of millions of dollars in time, effort, and sweat equity on engagements that serve a social and community cause.

consulting magazine
Peter Gibson accepting the 2017 Consulting Magazine Excellence in Social & Community Investment Award for Knowledgent Cares

Knowledgent Cares is Knowledgent’s corporate outreach program, dedicated to giving back to the community. Our Informationists organize, participate, and donate to various causes on a regular basis.

“Knowledgent’s mission is to ‘improve lives and business through Data,'” says Chief Executive Partner Peter Gibson. “Knowledgent Cares directly translates in that we are improving lives through charitable outreach. This means funding for cancer research and other diseases, education for under-privileged youth, feeding the hungry, and aiding those with disabilities, just to name a few causes.”

Since 2014, we have supported more than 50 charities that are a combination of our clients’ interests and our Informationists’. That allows us to impact a lot of different people and organizations.

“The fact that we encourage individuals to work with charities that are personally important to them brings a personal touch to the program that truly makes it admirable,” says Peter Gibson. “This is not a corporate initiative. It’s a personal, company-backed program that our people drive and we support. That’s the most important thing. Passion.”

Knowledgent Cares is thrilled to receive this award. It’s a justification that Knowledgent’s program means something behind its own walls, says Peter Gibson. “Within Knowledgent, the Knowledgent Cares program is highly regarded and respected. To see it gain recognition outside of our organization makes us all very proud of our people and their passion for charity.”

Learn more about Knowledgent Cares on our website:

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