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Innovating Business Through Data: Part 4 – Adverse Events Case Processing Automation

Part 4: Adverse Events Case Processing Automation

This new blog series focuses on how Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Robotic Process Automation are changing the face of business. Each post contain a specific use case, the business value derived, and the technology synopsis to achieve the outcome.

Process automation is a new technology that is taking the data and analytics landscape by storm. Automation can eliminate long lead times for ingestion and processing of serious adverse events data. It allows you to understand non-serious adverse events that came from unstructured data (such as surveys) that in the past would manually need to be entered into a digital system. This task is time consuming and low value in comparison to the insights that can be mined from that data. Natural Language Processing tools such as GATE, OpenNLP, and UIMA can be utilized, along with workflow automation capabilities built in Java, so this unstructured data can be consumed and utilized to shape your customer and product strategies.

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