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Innovating Business Through Data: Part 11 – Customer Loyalty

Part 11: Customer Loyalty

This new series focuses on how Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Robotic Process Automation are changing the face of business. Each post contain a specific use case, the business value derived, and the technology synopsis to achieve the outcome.

The hospitality industry can greatly benefit from the data collected through customer loyalty programs. The data creates insights that drive increased targeting for granular marketing campaigns resulting in significant ROI. This is can be automated through robotics to ensure timely delivery of relevant information to the end consumer. The first step is to build an enterprise data strategy across all information management data, technology, analytics, processes, and organization. Then a business case is developed that highlights the ROI achieved through a customer loyalty program.

This business case is used to seek capital funding for the project through executive management. Once funding is approved the program is implemented using enterprise data strategy as the roadmap, but as is the case with all data initiatives, active ongoing data governance is the key to driving the ROI.

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