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Informationist Athletes Spotlight: Yaniv Simpson

Introducing our newest blog series, Informationist Athletes Spotlight! In this series, we will be sitting down with a few of our Informationists and discussing their athletic achievements. Our very first spotlight features Informationist and Client Partner Yaniv Simpson. Check out the Q&A with Yaniv below!

Q: What sport did you play and, if you played in college, where did you play?

I played basketball both in college and professionally. I played professional European basketball, as well as D1 Men’s basketball at Monmouth University in New Jersey, where I was a double business management and marketing major.

Q: How did playing basketball enhance your college experience at Monmouth?

Basketball forces you to stay focused on what matters the most, as well as having fun when time allows. Setting yourself up for success starts at a young age, especially these days, and it’s important to have some level of focus and clarity early in life.

Q: What was the most memorable experience of your sports career?

I got to travel with the team to Italy for ten days and play 4 games against a local Italian team.

Q: How were you able to take what you learned on the court and apply that in your work as an Informationist?

Basketball teaches the true value of individual performance as well as the importance of teamwork. Learn to up your standards and lead others to do the same. A great company is built on people, not services – we all know that – and the more each and every one of us truly buy into the mission and core values of Knowledgent, the more successful we’ll all be together.

Q: Do you still play basketball as a hobby?

I do still play basketball as a hobby, yes!

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