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Informationist Athletes Spotlight: Nicole Kalamaras

Today we are continuing our Informationist Athletes Spotlight! Our fourth Spotlight post features Informationist Nicole Kalamaras. Check out the Q&A with Nicole below!

Q: What sport did you play and, if you played in college, where did you play? What position?

I played lacrosse at Columbia University. My position was attack.

Q: How did playing your sport enhance your college experience?

Being on the team greatly enhanced my college experience. For four years I was surrounded by the most hardworking and talented teammates, all of whom became my best friends. It was definitely the most challenging and rewarding experience to be a part of.

Q: What was the most memorable moment of your collegiate sports career?

Making the Ivy League Tournament for the first time in Columbia’s history my senior season.

Q: How were you able to take what you learned on the field and apply that in your work as an Informationist?

I dedicated over thirty hours a week to my sport. This taught me important skills such as time management, working under pressure, and how to build a great team dynamic with a different group of girls each season.

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