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Informationist Athletes Spotlight: Chase Wheatley

Today we are continuing our Informationist Athletes Spotlight series! Our third Spotlight features Informationist Chase Wheatley. Check out the Q&A with Chase below!

Q: What sport did you play and, if you played in college, where did you play?

I played golf for Rutgers University from 2013-17, where I majored in Information Technology and Informatics with a minor in Digital Communication Information and Media.

Q: How did playing your sport enhance your college experience?

Playing golf in college enhanced my college experience because it provided me with a foundation to have structure throughout each week. I had a set schedule week in and week out around my practices, workouts and tournaments along with my classes so I felt I was always active. It gave me the ability to stay focused on my priorities in terms of completing my studies but also the chance to know when I would be able to unwind and relax.

Q: What was the most memorable moment of your collegiate sports career?

The most memorable moment I had throughout my collegiate sports career had to be the last month of my playing career. I was able to play well and compete in the closing seasons biggest events and have my family by my side during that journey. Having my families support and for them to watch the culmination of years of hard work packed into a month of exciting golf was something truly special.

Q: How were you able to take what you learned on the green and apply that in your work as an Informationist?

Rutgers University and playing a collegiate sport helped me become an Informationist by providing me with the tools necessary to balance my life appropriately to have my priorities taken care of. What I mean by this is that, there are certain things that are engrained in me based on habit such as; getting up early, staying healthy and active, always learning and striving to better myself in some way each day. It is hard to teach discipline and hard work however I believe I have been trained to have these characteristics built into who I am as a person because of my collegiate sport. Being an Informationist is no different, and being a part of the Knowledgent family that strives to improve lives and businesses through data seek to have Informationist that want to push boundaries of knowledge to help the lives of others in the world around us.

Q: Do you still play this sport as a hobby?

I do play this sport as a hobby and I have most recently started getting into playing in Charity events as a way to give back as I find it extremely rewarding to play a sport I love for a variety of causes that seeks to help the community and/or world. So if anyone is looking to get a fun round of golf together and help others, feel free to reach out! 😊

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