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How a Top 5 Cable Television, Internet, and VoIP Provider Enabled Better C-Level Reporting Metrics


Our client wanted to drive CEO/Board reporting on their key operating metrics to assess the heath of their business, however, they were stymied by lack of access to trustworthy data. The client’s data governance infrastructure had not been formalized strategically. The data governance council was meeting once a month but there was a lack of a formal data governance charter and prioritization of data projects. There was no operating model or role definition as pertaining to the data governance of key high-value business metrics.  There were inconsistent processes for business metrics definition, ownership, as well as change and issue management of these high value metrics.


Knowledgent deployed a small team that expanded the Data Governance Board’s mission and created a formalized charter to drive communication and accountability. The Charter was also the springboard to define required roles and responsibilities to ensure the operating model was executed efficiently. We developed a scalable data governance organizational structure and operating model.  Additionally, we defined key process flows to enable management to communicate metric changes and resolve issues. We also developed a strategic roadmap for key data governance activities that balanced process, organizational, and technology impacts. Along with our technology review, we installed and configured Collibra to govern key business metrics, allowing for automation and scalability.


Our client established a tactical, and foundational, data governance program to address their immediate pain-points. In addition, a strategic roadmap balanced between process, organizational expertise, and technology support was established for the client’s long term data governance program. To address the client’s immediate need to enable access to trustworthy data, we configured data workflows in Collibra.

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