Data Summit Feature on Knowledgent’s Talk with Takeda

Database Trends and Applications has featured an article highlighting the talk our own Informationist, Fabricio Silva, will jointly present with Takeda at Data Summit 2018 in Boston on May 22-23.

It will highlight two use cases for the creation of a data lake at the Takeda R&D facility. One is the analysis of vast quantities of genomic files, and the other is the analysis of real-world evidence, using the Knowledgent Cohort Builder to analyze the data faster.

Among the benefits of the Cohort Builder, said Silva, are that it enables self-service analytics. If a researcher knows a condition, disease, or procedure code that they would like to include or exclude, the person can iteratively zero in on a cohort (group of patients) on their own without having to program or rely on programmers.

Read the full article.

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