Case Study: Master Data Management to Promote Driver Efficiency and Drive Targeted Marketing


The challenges this large transportation and package delivery company faced were: A) were drivers are going to the right location? and B) when they get to the right location, are they wasting time? For example, if they are in an office complex, having to locate the business that they are delivering to while on-site is time consuming and inefficient.


Knowledgent crafted a phased approach complete with timelines, milestones, and dependencies to ensure there was no impact to the overall program timelines as a result of changes in requirements. We conducted working sessions to validate initial findings and develop requirements, then provided architectural guidance and design recommendations to satisfy them. We also developed custom code to create a consolidated customer view in support of a hybrid hub deployment – segmented virtual hubs for individual entity types within one logical hub.


The MDM system is responsible for managing all excess customer and address data. This data is vital to their business. The company makes their money on an ability to be efficient – getting packages into the hands of their customers as quickly as possible. This unified view enabled drivers to deliver on that vision. In addition, the MDM capability expanded to add people within businesses. This allows the company to target on a more granular level, both in terms of how they deliver packages and who most often orders those shipments. This allows direct marketing to individuals who are most likely to order so that they can drive customer loyalty.

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