Case Study: Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Data Strategy for Global Hotel and Hospitality Company


This company did not effectively manage or leverage its data assets to utilize Customer and Business Intelligence (CI & BI) for strategic growth and competitive advantage, and was ranked in bottom 30% for maturity, governance, data application and technology. The existing data warehouse architecture was not able to support the advanced reporting and analytics requirements for sales and marketing, thus necessitating that the company engage costly external providers to provide these services. Knowledgent was engaged to deliver an enterprise data strategy project that was inclusive of a current state evaluation and future state recommendations across their information management data, technology, analytics, processes and organization.


Knowledgent engaged with business and IT  teams to evaluate current state capabilities, future state requirements, and gaps in information management capabilities.  Identified “low hanging fruit” that enabled the company to implement short-term process and technology improvements. Defined the future start and made a series of recommendations based on current state findings  and Knowledgent’s experience  across data management, technology, analytics, data governance and organization structure. Knowledgent also developed a detailed business case that highlighted the business benefits and ROI that would be achieved if the recommendations were made.  Knowledgent also  supported the company as they sought capital funding for the project through executive management.


Knowledgent created a detailed roadmap of prioritized initiatives, execution of which would result in an information management environment that would enable their business strategy. The implementation of the roadmap was fully funded due to the strength of the business case developed by Knowledgent. Additionally, Knowledgent defined a Data Quality and Data Governance track to drive the success of the DW/BI Data Strategy capabilities. Knowledgent also defined the DW/BI Operating model, conceptual data model and Reference architecture for scalable enterprise wide data subject areas. The client retained Knowledgent for the next phase of DW/BI Requirements and Design initiative to improve  its Information Management data strategy capabilities and build a DW/BI Solution.

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