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5 Tips for Growing Your Big Data Capability

Nowadays, it’s hard to find an organization that isn’t using big data in some form or another. But while some organizations are capable of leveraging big data at the highest level of advanced analytics, others are struggling to evolve their big data initiatives into something more useful and competitive than basic reporting and proofs-of-concepts (POCs).

We at Knowledgent believe that advancing big data capabilities is critical for organizations to get the most value out of their data. After all, the higher your level of big data capability, the more effectively you are able to use data to your competitive advantage, and the greater your ROI on your big data investments.

Here are five tips to help you grow and improve your big data capability:

1. Assess the current state of big data in your organization. To grow your big data capability, it’s helpful first to establish a baseline. This will also help you measure how far you’ve come once you’ve started. Look at the technologies that are prevalent across the organization as well as how data is being used. (Hint: Our Big Data Maturity Assessment is a great starting point for organizations looking to assess their big data capability. It takes less than 10 minutes and it’s FREE.)

2. Look at use cases. How are your peers using big data? What are organizations in other industries doing with big data? Looking at how big data has been leveraged successfully by others can give you a better idea of the opportunities and challenges of using big data. It also serves as a foundation for thinking of innovative ways that you can apply big data to your own organization.

3. Create a big data roadmap. Once you know where you are with big data and have an understanding of how big data can be used, you can create a pragmatic plan. Map out how you will grow your big data capability and what you will need (tools, technologies, resources, etc.) to achieve a higher level.

4. Start off small. Unless carefully governed, a full-scale, enterprise-wide implementation of any big data initiative is likely to raise concerns instead of capabilities. Instead, start with a POC or pilot program to work out any potential issues and bring to light unforeseen challenges with implementing big data in your organization.

  1. Continuously measure and improve your results. Big data is constantly changing. To make sure that you’re continuing to progress upward, you need to put in place tools (governance, metadata, etc.) that allow you to repeat, measure, and standardize your results. When you find things aren’t working as well as they did, find out why and adjust accordingly.

What other tips do you have for growing big data in your organization? Let us know in the comments!

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