The audience during Chris Blotto's presentation MDM in a Big Data World

3 Takeaways from the 2014 MDM & Data Governance Summit

We hope you had an opportunity to visit NYC and the Knowledgent booth at the MDM & Data Governance Summit last week on October 5 at the Sheraton Times Square.  The MDM practitioners we spoke with found the sessions valuable and insightful. We particularly enjoyed the engaging discussions we had after our Informationist Chris Blotto’s talk on “MDM in a Big Data World”.

This was the ninth year of the summit, and it’s clear that MDM is still a topic of wide interest and only becoming more relevant in a world where massive amounts of data are now available to the business.

Here are our top three takeaways from the event:

MDM continues to be recognized as a foundational pillar of Enterprise Information Management. Amid debates of whether MDM is “dead” in the age of Big Data, we found that MDM is not only alive and well, but continues be recognized as an important enabler for any data initiative. Data is still king, and as a result, MDM was a concern among participants regardless of industry.  Managing core data (i.e., the focus of MDM) is what will separate a successful initiative from one headed for risk.

MDM can help you derive insight. You cannot do “Big Data” without “good data,” and MDM has always held “trust” at the forefront of its value proposition.  Along with Metadata Management and, of course, Data Governance, MDM provides the “trusted source of truth” for the key data around which all analytic outcomes will be driven, regardless of volume or variety.  A good example of this is member segmentation. MDM can help you ensure that you are reaching the right people.

Managed Information Objects (MIOs) are the future.  MDM continues to evolve and is undergoing a transformation as we speak. Organizations are finally realizing that to manage data effectively, MDM and Governance must be inherent all aspects of how data is ingested, stored, curated, and published.  Soon data objects, assembled from profiled, trusted, and semantically understood sources and that are fully searchable and delivered securely throughout the enterprise will enable the next paradigm shift in Information Management.

Were you at the MDM & Data Governance Summit? What were your takeaways? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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