Video: Why Data Governance?

Most of our conversations about information management and other data-focused topics touch on data governance (specifically, what good data governance is and how to leverage it). This may seem like a good place to start; after all, if you’re trying to get the most value out of your data, you want the data to be clean, accurate, and accessible.

However, at Knowledgent, we like to look at things from another angle and ask a different question: Why data governance?

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Big Data Enrichment with MDM

Knowledgent strongly believes all companies have the data required to know their customers a whole lot better. But who out there is developing the necessary customer insights to make an impact on their business? Is Big Data the solution to developing some of those insights? The hype tells us it’ll be just that. But will Big Data play all by itself at the deep end of the pool, or will it need a helping hand? The clear answer is that synergistic technologies are the key.

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How Knowledgent Approaches MDM

Many organizations approach Master Data Management (MDM) by taking an inventory of the data in their source systems, defining policies to improve the quality and usefulness of that data, and building a consolidated hub of that data. This “build it and they will come” approach too often results in an MDM hub that fails to meet the needs of the processes that want to consume that data.

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2014 Big Data Ecosystem Released

We have just released the 2014 version of our Big Data Ecosystem, our industry-leading reference architecture that categorizes Big Data vendors, tools, and technologies to help you determine the Big Data solution that is right for you.

This year’s Ecosystem features a new Data Security category, which we added in response to increased questions about options available to secure and protect data. Sub-categories also have been added to the Hadoop and NoSQL Data Management categories for faster and more accurate differentiation.

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How Mobile Enables Big Data

The four current biggest trends in IT are Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Big Data. In this post, I will discuss the intersection of Mobile and Big Data. Without going into too much detail, I’ll first review what Big Data is. The first aspect of Big Data is gathering and storing extreme volumes (often in petabytes) of data from databases, log files, social media, connected devices, external data marketplaces and internal systems. Data is “deep,” meaning it is transactional in nature and nothing is thrown away. Continue reading How Mobile Enables Big Data